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Mezzanine Floors

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Create Additional Space We offer single or
multi-tier mezzanine flooring

Make the most of the space available

Mezzanine floors

Rack City has a variety of mezzanine flooring solutions to suit businesses all over the UK. We offer three services when you choose us for your mezzanine floor: manufacture for ex works collection, delivery or full service manufacture, delivery and installation.

We can also couple your mezzanine floor with racks and shelves which can help you make the most of the unused space in your building.

You can choose from pallet racking , shelving or longspan racking and shelving systems depending on the space available. We also offer single or multi-tier mezzanine flooring, to really make the most of the space available.

Mezzanine Floor Design

Our innovative range of designs will ensure that your industrial mezzanine flooring looks contemporary without taking away from the building’s original design. This, coupled with our technical knowledge and extensive product range will ensure that you receive the highest quality mezzanine flooring solutions

We utilise CAD/CAM software to design our mezzanine floors which allows us to lay out the optimum flooring area in your building. This allows us to optimise all of the space available. Our expert designers will ensure that your office space accommodation, workshop or storage platform is easily accessible from the ground floor and fits in with the building’s aesthetics. Our design team can also advise you on load limits , fire safety and the latest planning and building regulations

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